"And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul."  - John Muir

Enchanting wooden hut on the edge of the forest

At the western end of the property, which has a total area of 3400 m², lies the wooden hut surrounded by trees.

To the north the forest stretches for several kilometers, to the south you can directly see into the village.
The property is located on the edge of the small village Sitzenberg in Germany with about 40 houses, at the end of a dead-end street.

There is a small house on the property (formerly a hunting lodge, converted by the previous owner),
Puria's yurt, a greenhouse, a tool and wood shed, and the forest cabin.

"In a magical place in a small enchanting cottage in the forest, I slept well for the first time in a long time and woke up in the morning with a view of trees. Time out in paradise ... yes, that's my conclusion after my time in the most enchanting place I can imagine." - Heidi


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 We have built this enchanting forest hut from natural materials for guests and clients.
The cabin is also suitable for electro- and radiation-sensitive people.

It has an octagonal floor area of 20 m², the sleeping gallery is about 9 m², maximum room height 4.80 m.
The bed (160 x 200 m). The sleeping loft is reached by a steep, narrow staircase as in many Tiny Houses.
The space beneath is designed as a wardrobe.
The kitchen has a 2-burner gas stove, sink with hot water connection, refrigerator with small freezer.

In a small annex at the back of the cabin, barely 4 m² in size, you reach with a few steps through the open air, the bathroom with washbasin, shower and compost toilet.

There is LAN cable to connect with the internet.
On the property is a weak WIFI connection, in the cottage not at all.

Smoking, drug and excessive alcohol consumption are not welcome on the premises.

You can also create your time as a guided retreat or book individual sessions.

Forest Cabin East

Forest Cabin North

Forest Cabin East

Forest Cabin Living Space

Forest Cabin Living Space

Forest Cabin Sleeping Loft

Forest Cabin Woodstove

Forest Cabin Dining Area

Forest Cabin Entire Room

Bathroom wash basin

Bathroom with compost toilett

Bathroom wash basin & shower

Vegetable Garden & Yurt

The Property


Outskirts of the Village

Shanti & Puria

Surrounding Area


1 night: 80 € per person
2 nights 60 - 80 € per person (according to self-estimation)
From 3 nights 50 - 80 € per person (according to self-estimation)
1 week 300 - 500 € per person (according to self-estimation)
(Special arrangement possible, for low income earners outside the holiday - please suggest a price).


You have to bring your own food for your needs.
(The nearest organic food store is in Cham, about 13 km away).

In the small apartment kitchen there are dishes, Italian coffee pot, milk frother, water boiler and the following food:
teas (black, green, herbs), coffee, "Grander water", spices, vinegar, oil.

Upon consultation, an organic, vegetarian, lunch can be booked in addition.
Per meal, 15 - 25 € per person (according to self-assessment).

Walking & Hiking

Directly from the property there are walking paths in different directions with beautiful views of the rolling hills and through different forest regions.

Only 15 minutes to walk, you can enjoy the view of the eight thousands of the Bavarian Forest at the village of Löwengrub.

12 minutes away by car is the Gallner, the next higher mountain with beautiful walks and a panoramic view of both the river Donau and the Bavarian Forest.

20 minutes away by car is the hiking area around Bad Kötzting with a beautiful tour to the Kötztinger Hütte, with wonderful views into the Zellertal and the impressive rock formations Rauchröhren.

If you drive 45 to 70 minutes you can explore various hiking routes and even skiing at the small and large Arber.
There also starts the National Park "Bayerischer Wald", which is together with the bordering "Böhmer Wald" in Czech Republic, the biggest forest area of Europe.

View from the Gallner

Kleiner Arbersee

Großer Arber


The nearest larger town is Cham, 11 km away, with stores, Saturday market, restaurants, cinema, train station etc.
11 km to Cham
34 km to Straubing
53 km to Deggendorf
60 km to Regensburg
105 km to Passau
150 km to Nuremberg
170 km to Munich
200 km to Prague Czech Republic