Humanity is on the threshold of awakening to its full spiritual and human potential.
In my role as an Evolutionary Leader I support this change of consciousness individually and collectively.

"I work like a piano tuner only, helping people to embody the tone of their essence and future potential."  - Puria

I am happy to accompany you in becoming a new being!

I help you to put your heart and your being first so that it determines your life.
Your personality will be cleansed from within, nurtured and mature.
This requires a fundamental and radical reorientation in you.
In this journey I am there for you!
I will show you how to thrive in your future potential already now.

To get to know each other or for smaller topics you can book individual sessions.
But if you want to make a quantum leap, take your life to a new level, change deep-seated patterns, overcome limiting programs, transform heavy or chronic diseases, then I suggest you a more intense process over a longer period of time.
Therefore I offer an individual retreat or longer intensive coachings and trainings.
I am happy to put together an individual program for you.

Get a taste of my work by following this guided meditation to your essence

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"If you're lucky enough to find a way of life that you love, all you have to do is find the courage to live it."   - John Irving

some testimonials

"The session still unfolds powerfully. Since quiet a long time I haven't experienced such an intense healing session. Literally a part of me got released and is born newly. I experience new behavior pattern and deep peace. And recently I received the insight: I don't need to protect myself anymore. Many thanks for your attentive presence. During the session I completely felt secure and in caring hands. This was crucial in order to be able to go that far. And of course, it was in the right moment.“  - R. K. from Germany

"Thank you so much for the healing and reading. My essence was nurtured and I feel connected with my self in a deep way. A code which I connect to whenever I do my homework I was given. I thank also the masters and guides. Pure Love and expansion."      -  S.C. from Spain

"It was a real pleasure working with Puria. What first made me contact her was her Being. When looking into her eyes it was obvious to me that she is very pure and connected deeply to source. During the sessions I felt very safe, held and comfortable. Puria was full of integrity, a balance of masculine and feminine, and unconditional love. This allowed me to open into and heal deep places within me and discover a deeper level of Self-Love. If you are called to work with Puria, I can highly recommend her."  - T. M. from Denmark

"Puria has a truely healing presence. Amazing how she moves straight to the core of the issue in a calm and very loving manner. I came with strong pain in my body, my emotions and my soul to her in this beautiful sacred space in her Yurt and went out relieved from heavy burdens. I received tools which I can apply to release my pains. Since then I have a new feeling of being really alive with which the change can sustain. Great thanks to Puria and her partner for the healing space they provide and of course to all the invisible helpers.“     - S. S. from Germany

The information and offers on this website are for your remembering, the connection with your own inner source of wisdom and stimulating your self-healing powers.
My offers do not replace a visit to a doctor, alternative practitioner, therapist or taking medication.

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