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When the body gets liberated from emotions

The Emotional Detox Bodywork allows layers of stagnated and frozen emotions to be solved immediately. If the protective mechanisms, even when they are decades old, soften, this can lead to a healing crisis. Events that have led to such mechanisms of protection need not always be remembered as terrible or intense, they may even be completely unknown to us.

Our two biggest wounds

I dare to say that there is probably not one single person on this planet who, to some extent, doesn’t have to deal with our two biggest wounds as human beings. Some of us experience the pain of these wounds physically and/or emotionally and some of us are busy trying to avoid feeling them at all. But sooner or later, on our journey of personal development, through spiritual awakening or any kind of deeper healing processes, we will be confronted with these wounds. John Welwood, an American psychotherapist, identified them as the essential wound and the relational wound. Let us face them consciously.

Trauma - explore the gift in the wound

Trauma is for me a fascinating phenomenon that I was allowed to explore theoretically and practically in the past few years. Like Dr. Keith Witt describes trauma is unavoidable and must even happen to every person. But first of all, what do we understand by trauma and why is it that we even need it for our development?

What makes healing possible

On my personal path of healing from traumatic experiences and reactive behaviors, I have been able to identify some essential basic components that make healing possible. In addition, over the past 20 years, my work in spiritual crisis and life counseling, shamanic energy work, reading in the Akasha Chronicles, and bodywork have given me as many opportunities to observe transformation and healing processes outside of myself, my clients , From both streams of knowledge, inner and outer, I have come to the following insights.

You want to become whole - include your dark parts

In the process of being trained as a Voice Dialogue facilitator I recently encountered the voice of darkness and its scream for recognition and acceptance. It was so loud and clear that I want to express it in this article in order that it can be heard from as many people as possible.