​"Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside."  - Ramana Maharshi

realize & embody

When awareness rests you are able to realize deeper levels of your being

When awareness  relaxes in the present moment and you embrace all that is with an open heart,
you are able to realize deeper levels of your being.
Sometimes this realization is experienced as a „coming home“. 

For some of us this can be a very moving and emotionally touching experience
and for others it feels deeply natural and uneventful.
In any case you will have a different understanding of who or what you really are.
The realization can happen in an instant and yet has the potential to transform your entire life.

"Awakening is a gift, afterwards the work starts."  - Puria

Because now it is about integrating the spiritual essence of your being into the very basic and simple ways of being human.
It is about living and being what you have awakend to in all circumstances.
Often this is a more subtle process over longer time periods with its ups and downs.

It is said, that realizing your true nature is easier when you are in the presence of an awakened being.
There is no method which can guarantee success, because each person follows their own unique path of knowing and yet there are supportive attitudes such as openness and softness of heart.
Also helpful are practices which enable to let go, to surrender, to drop deeper.

To rest together with someone else in such presence creates a deeply nurturing space.

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