"Truly, life is about the correspondence with your innermost being unfolded from there to the outside."  - John de Ruiter

Wellness for the Soul

Do you yearn to take your life to a new level?
To overcome a crisis or disease?
Do you want to live in harmony with your innermost heart?
Then I invite you to treat yourself to this intensive time of a retreat.

Away from the strains of your every day life you will experience a simple lifestyle without lots of stimuli,
surrounded by the quiet nature of the Bavarian Forest, at the edge of a little village.

At the Venue, with a plot at the edge of the forest, a small, cozy forest house, a yurt and the keepers Shanti and Puria, the place and its inhabitants with a conscious, cordial way of life form a special magic.

Together we will see what supports you in your next development step.

We work on all necessary levels.

An individual program tailored to your needs with a 1: 1 care can look like this:

  • Morning body exercises
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Deep Field Relaxation
  • Shamanic Energy Work
  • Emotional Detox Bodywork
  • Harmonizing and aligning your energy field
  • Integral Coaching

Walks through forests and meadows are as much part of the program
as the preparation of our food and the joint care of the house and garden.


Time Frame: starts from 3 days  
Investment: starts from 1200 € for 3 days, including accommodation and vegetarian / vegan food
Investment: 2500 € per week, including accommodation and vegetarian / vegan food

Information about the  Retreat Venue

"Silence is the language of God, everything else is a poor translation."  - Rumi

„What drew me to you is your integrity, that you "walk your talk," and your knowledge of healing methods. There is a lot in the spiritual world which I find dubious and confusing, but in you I find clarity. You have vision and you are strongly rooted in your heart's intention, so I feel I can trust you. With you, my demons feel seen but not judged; they have a purpose, and they are invited to cooperate. You are a stern and loving teacher. Stern but with humor. You are discerning and courageous. You and Shanti are completely gorgeous people, inside and out, and it's wonderful to spend time with you. You are inspiring. At your home, I felt I learned the whole time I was there, in many ways. The place, your home, the daily routine, your presence, all contribute to healing. The sound of your laughter has stayed with me. Your eyes and Shanti's eyes. The sound therapy... I don't know what to call this - it felt like bathing in a sea of sound, with the sound penetrating and moving through me. I'd never experienced sound in this way.“   
- R.S. aus München