Purifying the Mental Plane

Accessing the Sacred Space in the Heart

Connecting Heart and Mind

Being Initiated in Pure Frequency Codes 

Structuring Aura and Spaces

Together we will go through an intense process of learning, unfolding and transforming.
Ancient wisdom about sacred geometry and the intelligence of the heart,
rooted in shamanic wisdom traditions are transmitted and shared in initiatory teachings.
Profound transformation and altered states of consciousness make it possible that you will not be the same person after this online-course.

The Energy Language online-course can be seen as a personal journey of
guiding your system into coherence and conscious embodiment. 
It is also an opportunity to enlarge your spectrum of transformation modalities which you can then apply to your clients as a professional in this area. 

Participant’s quotes: "I do not know any spiritual work which is able to address and dissolve subconscious issues at such a profound level as the Energy Language. I am much more present in my body and far more grounded. I have far less mental noise i.e. thoughts that bother me.
"The Energy Language Basics course from Puria was a blessing which I found accidentally. It gave me way more than I expected; I came to learn specifics of energy elements and found myself with a vast array of understanding and experiencing different energetic states I wasn’t aware before. It feels that the course helped me to significantly upgrade my consciousness and the ability to master energy. It feels that I have much better grip of handing my emotions during the day rather than them handling me I feel that I am in charge of my emotions and I can choose them as I wish. I also feel that I know myself much better and found my inner harmony. Puria is an amazing teacher, an embodiment of ease, acceptance, and generosity. I highly recommend her course for any person who wishes to enhance their life both spiritually and practically.'' - Irina from Netherlands

We will access mental forces that previously lay beyond consciousness. Dense areas within the mental body that we carry from the past and that originated through beliefs, emotional blocks and unprocessed experiences are dissolved. Areas of the brain are activated allowing new neural connections to be created which open up radically new ways of responding to life instead of reacting in habitual ways that keep us trapped in our own consciousness.

"The intuitive mind is a holy gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein


We learn to center our awareness in the sacred space of the heart and to connect it with the mind. 
For thousands of years our spirit, our sense of „me“, is located in the mind for the majority of the population. Due to that we live with an underlying feeling of separation, scarcity and polarity. As a result of the urgency to evolve our consciousness, indigenous traditions and mystery schools now offer their secrets, which formerly where hidden and reserved for adepts only. They show and teach us ways to move into the sacred space of the heart where we are one with creation.

"What you heal in you, you heal in the world."  - Jeanne Ruland

You will be initiated into the codes of stability, harmony, flow, openness, freedom, love, focus, acceptance, clarity, discernment, flexibility, expansion, joy, peace, health, creativity, compassion, healing, courage, optimism, trust and some more.

You will be able to embody and emanate these frequencies for the benefit of you and others.

Your personal energy field (aura), or the energy field of rooms, buildings and terrains can be altered into a desired frequency through specific application of geometric shapes and colors. The setting of temporary or long term energy structures (grid) is acquired. 
Potential application is possible e.g. in therapeutic, interpersonal, spiritual and personal areas, as you are able to embody frequencies which you can eminate for others.

"Geometry is the original language of creation."  - Platon


During this online-course energetic spaces are created which provide the entire information of the seminar content through the subtle realms. At subconscious levels we learn to imitate and apply this energetic information. In computing, we would say that the information is downloaded from the teacher’s energy field. This learning does not occur at an intellectual level; rather, it encompasses our whole being.


Energy Language teaches us to manifest qualities within ourselves that we consequently can provide for others, qualities we otherwise would seek mostly in the outside world.  These include stability, harmony, the ability to differentiate, alignment, etc. We learn to realign our energy field attracting resonance to what we desire and what truly nourishes us on deep levels. Interconnectedness and abundance can become quintessential attitudes towards life enabling us to make our unique contribution with ease.

A participant’s quote: "It's so exciting to see how I can, as if by pressing a button, just allow myself to slip into certain states of consciousness."

Where you will benefit from Energy Language

  • In your personal development and unfolding of your potential 
  • In a conscious lifestyle fed by the wisdom of the heart
  • In activating self healing
  • In developing a higher sensitivity and intuition
  • In a differentiated sensing and embodiment of energy qualities
  • In a deeper understanding of how other human beings feel and act, especially useful in conflict situations
  • In all kinds of healing professions in order to cleanse and align energy fields consciously
  • In leading positions, teaching activities and any communication as your energy fields and words are in tune and therefore deliver messages clear, authentically and powerful

"We experience far more than we ever can comprehend.“ -   Prof. Hans-Peter Dürr

Overview of the training content

  • Education, refinement and development of your psychic abilities
  • Cleansing and clarifying the perception of your subtle energy system
  • Conscious discrimination of the aura layers 
  • Carefully activation and gradually training of the sixth chakra (third eye)
  • Purification, cleansing and healing of the mental body through initiation in the energy structures of the geometric shape and color vibrations
  • Attunement of the mental plane to the Indigo frequency (the frequency of Energy Language)
  • Access to the sacred space of the heart
  • Conjunction of the heart and mind
  • Principles for using geometric shapes and colors for therapeutic application
  • Conscious structuring of your mental energy
  • .Consciously embodying qualities and frequencies you want to live, such as joy, harmony, happiness, love..
  • Creating from the wisdom of the heart
  • Conscious structuring of energy fields in rooms, buildings and terrains
  • Practical exercises with which you can deepen the abilities from the seminar in your daily life



12 x 90-minutes live sessions on zoom with Puria, including space for Q & A
12 recordings of these sessions in video & audio format
Written material with a summary at the end of the course

START: When a group has formed, one evening (German Time) per week

(Send me an e-mail to reserve your spot and pay only when I confirm the start.)

555 €
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Puria Claudia Kästele supports people in healing, transformation and change since 2000. She leads consciousness expanding seminars in Germany and abroad. Since childhood she has access to the invisible realm. Puria displays comprehensive knowledge of the human nature through her professional experience in the medical area, long practice of meditation, Tai Chi, advanced trainings in alternative healing methods and spiritual healing work. She is also connected to the wisdom of a powerful shamanic tradition through many years of intensive training and being initiated in the Lineage of the Curanderos.

Furthermore several experiences of oneness and out of body experiences expanded her levels of consciousness. Ramana Maharshi, Ken Wilber and Drunvalo Melchizedek created a huge impact on her life and put the focal point to living from the guidance and wisdom of the heart and the infinite being.

She is co-founder and was for three years chief executive of the nonprofit foundation „be-the-change“ for cultural change in Germany. Her work contributes to the unfolding of a new life-sustaining culture that is based upon evolving consciousness in society and the connection of heart and mind. In 2018, 2019 and 2020 she organized three online conferences “Conscious Evolution Summit” which you can visit on Currently she is engaged in several networks, such as Life Purpose Group, Evolutionary Leaders Circle and Lebensgärten Bayerwald.

She is mother of two adult wonderful daughters and loves the simple, close to nature lifestyle in her Yurt in the Bavarian Forest in Germany.