"If you have tasted the sweet nectar, the deep connection with your own soul, and the peace within that which always lasts, then you will never forget that memory, and it will fundamentally change your life." - Puria

Shamanic Energy Work

In a deep relaxation, your body's intelligence and your self-healing powers are activated.
  Your entire being can align itself on the different levels, according to its inner order.
If necessary, I apply shamanic transformation methods to cleanse your energy field,
To solve energy blockades and to initiate alchemical processes.

A powerful, clear and loving energy field allows you to glide over into other states of consciousness.
Many people experience this as a sinking to the very ground of their being, a fundamental letting go.

La Cura is one of the most powerful ancient methods of the Curanderos tradition.

It works in severe immune diseases, anorexia, bulimia and various cancers.

"The moment you accept which challenges you have been given, a door will open."       - Rumi


The sessions take place in full clothing, depending on the situation in a sitting or lying position, with no or with gentle touch.
Each person decides for himself how deep he may go in a session and determines the duration of the collaboration.

Time Frame: 1 – 2 hours in person or online as distant healing
Investment: 100 € - 150 € per 60 minutes (self-assessment)

"Puria has a truely healing presence. Amazing how she moves straight to the core of the issue in a calm and very loving manner. I came with strong pain in my body, my emotions and my soul to her in this beautiful sacred space in her Yurt and went out relieved from heavy burdens. I received tools which I can apply to release my pains. Since then I have a new feeling of being really alive with which the change can sustain. Great thanks to Puria and her partner for the healing space they provide and of course to all the invisible helpers.“     - S. S. Niederbayern  

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