"There is a soul force in the universe that, if we allow it, will flow through us and produce wonderful results." - Gandhi

Individual Session

I want to self empower you and support you in accessing your very own intelligence,
your self-healing powers, your heart and your essence.
The connection to your heart and your essence is an essential foundation to unfold your highest potential.

What keeps you from being whole and heal, realizing the dreams of your heart, resting in your essence
while generously sharing your talents in an authentic way?


Time Frame: 1 – 2 hours face to face or online  
Investment: 100 € - 150 € per 60 minutes (self-assessment)


Bodywork   /   Individual Retreat

 individual retreat

Do you yearn to take your life to a new level? To overcome a crisis or disease? 
Do you want to live in harmony with your innermost heart? Then I invite you to treat yourself to this intensive time of a retreat.