reclaim your awareness, strength and love

Are you emotionally triggered by people?
Are you annoyed or angry by some behavior of your fellow human beings?
Can not stand certain character traits?
Then it's time for shadow integration!

"When we hate a person, we hate something in our image that sits within ourselves.
What is not in ourselves does not upset us."  - Hermann Hesse

With each cleavage of properties, part of your awareness is lost.
Everything that annoys, frustrates and disturbs you in other people is also part of you.
Everything you worship and admire about other people is also part of you.

The acceptance and integration of these behaviors or qualities increases the degree of your awareness.

I work with the 3-2-1 method of Integral Consciousness Work.
If you understand the principle of the method, you can continue to work independently with it.

Become complete again!
Let your acceptance and compassion grow for you and others!


Time Frame: 1 - 1,5 hours in person, via phone or online    
Investment: 100 € -150 € per 60 minutes (self-assessment)

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