Being in the Frequency of Love as a Group 

We invite you to join us in practicing and experiencing:
intimate togetherness,
real contact,
pure love,
unity as a group
and the unknown, emergent newness of evolution and life itself in every moment

We are beings of love, and this group is a space to be 100% ourselves,
to reconnect and meet in our own source, purity, and inner nature with others.

We practice to listen, explore, sense, surrender to, and be fully taken by what is emerging, new, alive, fresh,

and present in the inter-subjective space between us.
Evolution gives possibilities, and right now, the evolutionary forces are leading us into a quantum jump – into much higher frequencies, profound inter-being, flow consciousness, pure love, and unity. 
It is the future coming in, and we find it together.
It requires our full engagement, calls forth our multi-dimensional self, and flows through when we are aligned, willing, open, and intimately in contact.
As an informal gathering of explorers, we build and evolve a trusting container together in each session.

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Dr. Carl Johan Calleman introduces the 91th Wave of Evolution and how we can tap into it.

Experience and see the embodiment of oneness where Oracle Girl and I are in deep communion.

"We do it together. Each person is an aspect of you"  - Oracle Girl

Practicality for ongoing meetings

Time Frame: Every Tuesday at 8:30 pm CET for 90 minutes on Zoom.

Investment: You authentically showing up. We are happy about your donation. 

My daughter Laura & I offer this space together.

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"Practicing live in the “WE” space feels like heaven on earth to me! When everyone in this community holds the intention to love simultaneously, the resonant field we create feels divinely inspired by Source. We experience a unified connectivity in our uniqueness. In this unity of uniqueness, we see each other’s’ divine deep particularity in a space of Grace. I love it!" – Dianne // USA

"The magic of love espresso can be easily described: it is the only zoom meeting where I leave with more energy at the end than what I had when it started. Each meeting builds matrix (inner structure) for consciousness, enabling me to be more real in my every-day encounters. I would not wont to miss it anymore." – Katharina // Switzerland

„I love the Love Espresso group, my experience is always radically different each time and yet consistent in it's simplicity, deep connection this beautiful souls and experiencing myself and others in a very different way than all other ways of connecting. I feel joy, intimacy and expansion. Also I love how joyful laughter is always a part of our sessions.“ – Christine L.M. // USA

„It's a lovely group. Every time new. At the moment I have the image of a golden whole when I connect to the field of the group and beyond.“ – Julia Switzerland

„I love living as "we". This group is a place for me to practice doing that.“ – Juliette // Canada

„For being able to go further to the new world of love, we first must find together in a deeper space. And this is, what this practice group is useful for... We enter this new world as a whole. This is, what I've learned here.“ – Hans // Switzerland