Who or what am I?

Already as a teenager, I was aware of my timeless, spacious deep being, untouched by any experiences.
At the age of 34 a sudden out of body experience reinforced the knowledge about this consciousness
which is not bound to the body at all.
Many different mystical experiences of oneness and dissolving of self identity followed –
an ongoing process of a fundamental shift in consciousness started.

Professional Career

Due to my wish to support people in their well being and happiness, I chose a profession in the medical area,
followed later by numerous trainings and educations in alternative, shamanic and spirit healing methods,
modern psychological and spiritual coaching and personal development techniques.

Over the course of 4 years, I was initiated into shamanic energy work,
which has its origin in the culture of the Maya and become a Curandera (span. healer).

I studied trauma work, Ken Wilbers' Integral Philosophie,
Drunvalo Melchizedeks' way of the illuminated awakened heart and sacred geometry.

Finally, with becoming a Emotional Detox Bodywork practitioner I found a tool
to effectively support the physical body to liberate, awaken and integrate trauma.

Since 1998 I support people in journeys of healing, awakening and embodiment of our multidimensional being.

I was co-founder of a non-profit foundation for cultural change with a seminar centre,
  whose business I have managed for three years.

In 2018, 2019 and 2020 I organized international teleconferences "Conscious Evolution Summit" where I interviewed in total 101 experts.
Because of this work, I was invited to become a member of the "Evolutionary Leaders Circle" in 2021.

Everyday Life

I love the pure and clear presence and mindfulness even in the simplest things of daily life.
I love different kinds of body exercises like TaiChi and Qi Gong, Energy Medicine, Presence in Movement and walks in nature. 
I enjoy preparing healthy food, collecting wild herbs, doing handicraft, music, dance, painting, inspiring conversations and the nurture of spending time in silence.
I enjoy the deep, friendship connection with my two wonderful adult daughters.
The exchange with them is a great enrichment in my life.
Together with Shanti, my partner, I explore what it means to live in an evolutionary relationship.

Life Experience

Journeys to remote areas on this planet, periods of residence over several weeks up to ten months in foreign countries,
accompanying my two, now grown up, daughters through their childhood,
divorce after a relationship lasting 28 years,
6 years of living and contributing my energy to a cross-generational community,
co-founding and co-managing a non profit organisation for cultural change with a seminar center,
burnout, 1 month living only of water and tea, a 12 day darkness retreat;
all these experiences add to my comprehensive understanding of the nature of being a human.

2018 I had an intense encounter with what I would call my "future self".
This has a strong impact on my life and since than I take care of its embodiment.

Spiritual Support

Since Ramana Maharshi, an Indian Saint, appeared in my dreams in my thirties,
I call him my „spiritual father“ and see him as a mentor.
I didn’t know about his fame, just felt and enjoyed his power and wise, silent presence.
When I came across a book by Ramana Maharshi, each word I read touched my very essence and I deeply understood and connected to the truth within it.
Since 2012 I have spent some weeks in India every year, which I call "spiritual nourishment".
I use different sources of inspiration mainly nature and my inner connection to the source or the infinity spark, which has existed since my early childhood.

 I immersed myself into the Integral Philosohpie by Ken Wilber, Drunvalo Melchizedek's and Eckhart Tolles teachings and other wisdom traditions.
Since many years I join meetings with John de Ruiter, Patricia Albere's Evoltuionary Collective and  Oracle Gril's Purification Space. 

"Love has neither aversion to pain nor attraction to happiness.
Love is perfect in both of them."  - John de Ruiter

My "Windhorse-Soul"

My soul is taking a deep, true inner path
in which the focus on the Great Mystery,  Spirit, Source always stands in the center.
She feels called to assist people in their becoming heal & whole, "coming home" and being able to embody their multidimensional being and by that being an expression of pure love.