"This universe is not outside of you. Look inside of yourself: 
everything that you want, you already are." - Rumi

Energy Language

living, healing and creating from unity

This teachings are for you, if you want to....
....develop mastery in the application of energy and frequencies

expand your understanding of the dimension of the invisible
develop your extrasensory and healing abilities
want to raise your awareness to a higher level

Together we will go through an intense process of learning, unfolding and transforming.
Ancient wisdom about sacred geometry and the intelligence of the heart,
rooted in shamanic wisdom traditions are transmitted and shared in initiatory teaching.
Profound transformation and altered states of consciousness make it possible that you will not be the same person after this training.

The Energy Language Training can be seen as a personal healing journey or as an opportunity to enlarge your spectrum of transformation modalities which you can then apply to your clients as a professional in this area.

The foundation of Energy Language - Sacred Geometry and Color

Energy Language is an initiation into „Sacred Geometry“, which consists of geometric shapes and colors. But don’t worry, it isn’t about mathematics, it is a very experiential and intuitive way of learning, an activation of a new level of brain function and an expansion of your intuitive capacities.

The shapes and colors represent certain qualities which we all know in our lives, for example the quality of stability, direction, harmony, movement, peace, expansion, focus, love etc.

In these seminars you will be initiated in the matrix or codes of certain qualities, which is like learning an alphabet or the Great Multiplication of energy and frequency.

According to these teachings thoughts are vibrations of shapes and colors. We all use this language, yet subconsciously. The seminars are about learning how to apply this on a conscious level; consequently being able to change our own vibration frequencies those of places, and by doing so become a conscious co-creators of our reality. We learn to shift the state that is the source of our problems and create in union of heart and mind.

Our communication reaches a new dimension, as it is no longer limited to the exchange of words. We are able to understand and perceive other humans on a much deeper level.

Unfolding Potential

The natural potential of the mental plane goes unused in most of us today, or is developed almost exclusively on a purely rational and analytical level. This frequently leaves our intuitive thinking underdeveloped. Even though many of us know or sense, that thought can influence matter, we somehow lack the ability to consciously implement this fact. We continue to experience ourselves at the mercy of life and not as co-creators. Beliefs, behavior patterns and unprocessed experiences from the past, create limitations that result in perceptual lenses which determine how reality is experienced. This lenses make it difficult to access our heart where connectedness, abundance, creativity and love naturally flows

"The intuitive mind is a holy gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein

The origin of those teachings

Centuries ago, an ancient shamanic lineage from the Mayans in Mexico investigated the interconnectedness between thought and matter, generating a means to unlock and access the natural power of thought. The Curanderos are alchemists. They have comprehensive knowledge concerning the structure of the subtle realms and the all encompassing web of life.

The wisdom about the sacred space in the heart, which is also shared in this seminars, roots mainly in ancient mystery schools and in the indigenous Kogi tradition from Columbia. Their Mamas (healer) spend 9 years in caves without light in order to develop a deep understanding about the inner and the invisible realms. On their request Drunvalo Melchizedek started to share this wisdom and developed a way which works for us westerners.

When spirit is home in the heart

For thousands of years our spirit, our sense of „me“, is located in the mind for the majority of the population. Due to that we live with an underlying feeling of separation, scarcity and polarity. As a result of the urgency to evolve our consciousness, indigenous traditions and mystery schools now offer their secrets, which formerly where hidden and reserved for adepts only. They show and teach us ways to move into the sacred space of the heart where we are one with creation.

Union of the heart and mind

When we centre our spirit in the heart, or rather in the tiny space of the heart and unify the heart with the mind, we are able to create a reality of wisdom and love, originated beyond linearity and polarity.

Sacred geometry

"Geometry is the original language of creation."  - Platon

Changing values

The 21st Century confronts us with the challenges and the suffering that we have unconsciously inflicted upon the environment, our fellow humans and ultimately upon ourselves. Lastly due to unhealthy value systems that are predominantly based on growth, performance and external parameters. Symptoms of this are the rising number of collective problems as well as impoverishment on various levels. On a more immediate personal front this is being experienced through constantly rising numbers of compulsive disorders, allergies, discontentment, loneliness, depression, burnout and addictions just to name a few.

Since our thinking determines our actions and experience, Energy Language enables us to implement the necessary shift in consciousness, allowing us to create nourishing and deeply fulfilling value systems at the core that are based on internal values that honor all living species and are in alignment with universal laws and natural cycles.

"Be the change you desire to see within this world."  - Gandhi


There is currently no date fixed for an offline event
It can take place on demand wherever someone organizes it.

It starts with a basic workshop for Energy Language over 4 1/2 days or 2 x 2 1/2 days.
All seminar modules can be arranged as a one year process.