"The heart is the gate to the soul."  - Puria

Living and co-creating from the heart

There are many ways to enter your heart, I'll show you a simple, direct and easy one. When you have done it once, you can go there again and again and rest in the innocence and nurture from your heart as long as you wish

Sometimes we have blockades which originate in the need to protect our heart and they then often obstruct our access to it. I will introduce you into a gentle and tender method to melt those walls of protection. Through your own concrete wish of realization I will also guide you into the process of how you attract what your authentic heart is longing for.


Time Frame: 2 - 2,5 hours in person or online    
Investment: 240 € - 300 €

"In the tiny sacred space in your heart is the universe and the source of creation."
- Drunvalo Melchizedek

"The session with you did so much good to me. Actually since then I sense a completely new feeling in me. The "joyful notion" of my new life I sense already for some time, but furthermore the whole situation now evolved into an entirely "naturalness" and "belief". It feels very easy, liberating and right now I enjoy every movement of it.“   - M. W. from Germany