Together we will go through an intense process of learning, unfolding and transforming.
Ancient wisdom about sacred geometry and the intelligence of the heart,
rooted in shamanic wisdom traditions are transmitted and shared in initiatory teachings.
Profound transformation and altered states of consciousness make it possible that you will not be the same person after this online-course.

The Energy Language online-course can be seen as a personal healing journey or as an opportunity to enlarge your spectrum of transformation modalities which you can then apply to your clients as a professional in this area. 


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Subtle Body Meditation
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Initiation FUNNEL CONE
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If you weren't able to join the live session, please read this information only after you watched the class and received the initiations.

Information  CONES


The cones are a family of shapes who can transport energy in a very particular form. They do so by moving the energy in a spiral way.

This allows a very powerful flow on one hand and great capacity for integration on the other.

Due to their special quality of powerful yet gentle flow we meet this shape in three variations.

Funnel Cone

Keywords: assimilation and integration
This shape transports energy from the wide end to the narrow end, from the top down, with a gentle, spiral flow. It also holds the qualities of acceptrance, and receptiveness.

Megaphone Cone

Keywords: expression, reinforcement
This shape transports energy from the narrow end outwards in a spiral movement.

Beak Cone

Keywords: concentration, focus
This shape transports energy from the wide side to the narrow side in a spiral movement.