Together we will go through an intense process of learning, unfolding and transforming.
Ancient wisdom about sacred geometry and the intelligence of the heart,
rooted in shamanic wisdom traditions are transmitted and shared in initiatory teachings.
Profound transformation and altered states of consciousness make it possible that you will not be the same person after this online-course.

The Energy Language online-course can be seen as a personal healing journey or as an opportunity to enlarge your spectrum of transformation modalities which you can then apply to your clients as a professional in this area. 


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Subtle Body Meditation
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Initiation Cube
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If you weren't able to join the live session, please read this information only after you watched the class and received the initiations.

Information  CUBE



The cube is a composition of six identical squares. The square, the four, is the principle of stability.

Six squares together form a very solid, energetically dense and compact body.

The cube is like stone: solid, stabile, hard, imperturbable.

The cube steps, with the six directions, into a stabile, solidifying relationship: one square faces in each of the six directions (Heaven, Earth, North South East and West).

We use the cube when we want to stabilize and solidify energies, persons or things.

We have to be very conscious in its application, since the cube can represent stagnation. Whatever we surround with a cube will stay in this form- almost as though it were turned to stone.