Together we will go through an intense process of learning, unfolding and transforming.
Ancient wisdom about sacred geometry and the intelligence of the heart,
rooted in shamanic wisdom traditions are transmitted and shared in initiatory teachings.
Profound transformation and altered states of consciousness make it possible that you will not be the same person after this online-course.

The Energy Language online-course can be seen as a personal healing journey or as an opportunity to enlarge your spectrum of transformation modalities which you can then apply to your clients as a professional in this area. 


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Audio download

If you weren't able to join the live session, please read this information only after you watched the class and received the initiations.

Information preparation & choosing the personal 7-shape grid

It is important that you bring your self into a state of coherence (relaxed and open in all the bodies) and that you are rested in your heart space, connected with your intuition and very important, connected with the Indigo frequency, when you choose, or even better, receive the shapes and also when you set the grid.

It is really up to you how you get into such a state. If you have a practice which works for you, you can use that one. You can do the subtle body meditation, and/or move into the sacred space of the heart, and the tiny space of the heart. If you like, you can also connect heart and mind by putting the tip of your tongue on the palate behind your front teeth. 

The process to bring you in such a state can take you a minute or half an hour. It really depends.