" Let the world kiss you, sister. Let the moment kiss the rawest and most tender point in your heart until you can not help but be open."  - Chameli Ardagh

Connect with your feminine essenz

At the center is your feminine essence
To dwell in it and to enjoy this quality

Unfortunately, neither the modern way of life nor the social value system is geared to
really appreciate, promote and appreciate feminine qualities.
Thus we miss the access to a powerful and gentle body-own intelligence.
I dare say that the change we are experiencing right now can not be accomplished,
when we do not learn to connect with our feminine essence.

Workshop Program

We start the day with physical exercises inspired by Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Presence in Movement and Energy Medicine.
Guided innerworld journeys will help open your heart and connect to your feminine essence.
You will be initiated into the shamanic energy method "healing the heart"

With a Yoni Steaming Ritual we purify and cleanse the yoni (= vagina).
For this we will use herbs that cause relaxation, calming, harmonizing and pain relief.
This simple yet powerful process connects us in a simple and natural way with our feminine essence.

Participants report that they feel very connected to their essence, centered, calm, deep and open.  

As the whole system slows down, the intelligence of the heart can be more easily perceived.
  Your whole being becomes more subtle and sensitive.

Please bring along your fears and dreams, because there will be room for individual questions and topics.


Time Frame:  2 days  
Investment: 300 € plus accommodation and meals

There is currently no date fixed, if you are interested please contact me!
It can take place on demand wherever someone wants to organize it