What makes healing possible

On my personal path of healing from traumatic experiences and reactive behaviors, I have been able to identify some essential basic components that make healing possible. In addition, over the past 20 years, my work in spiritual crisis and life counseling, shamanic energy work, reading in the Akasha Chronicles, and bodywork have given me as many opportunities to observe transformation and healing processes outside of myself, my clients , From both streams of knowledge, inner and outer, I have come to the following insights.

A colleague of mine once said: "Unfortunately, we can not leave it to the people to say that we basically love them ONLY." Because the most important ingredient in healing and awareness processes is unconditional love. It is the quality that touches us most in our essence, because we are made of the same "stuff". Regardless of whether this corresponds to our actual experience or not. That's exactly why a field of love is essential for "Emotional Detox Bodywork". And let's face it, this has nothing to do with personal love, attraction or the like. It is not a feeling but a state of being beyond duality, that is also without evaluation, without likes and dislikes. In the face of presence and unconditional love, our different levels of body feel invited to relax and let go. Therefore, the building of a basis of trust is an important prerequisite for the healing process, because only when we can confidently give ourselves into the hands of the therapist can letting go. And only when we sink through our strained body layers, accumulated emotions or energy blockages, we find ourselves in the reservoir of love again. And I can not stress enough that this has nothing to do with traditional personal love.

"Beyond right and wrong is a field - there we meet."  - Rumi

A special facet is not valued or felt wrong. That means everything anyone brings to the session is welcome. All body states and sensations, feelings and emotions of all kinds, conditioning, beliefs and also all stories from the past and self-images. Everything is allowed and everything can serve as a gateway to deeper levels. Such a fundamental YES to the current situation is like a "red carpet" for transformation. After all, it is our noes, rejections and resistances that cause us to become stuck, leading to hardening and blockage both physically, emotionally, psychologically or energetically. In the moments where these noes arise, we often have no choice because either the experience is so painful at the moment and we do not have the capacity to experience all feelings and sensations, or because we have learned strategies that repeat certain patterns us once were useful but unfortunately have experienced no "upgrades" and therefore harm us more than help. But for healing, integration and, if you like, the post-ripening process, it's never too late. For one thing is certain, life will always bring us into situations where such places are triggered, either through physical pain, emotional reactivity or simply away from states of dissatisfaction, stress and want to alert us that we are not connected to our depths.