"A journey of a thousand kilometers begins with the first step."  - Laotse

Thrive in your full potential 

what we aim for in the 9-month intensive coaching

This training is an individual development process.
It's about connecting with your true nature and your being.
You learn to cultivate the access to your inner being and to awaken to deeper consciousness.
In addition, your personality is promoted in its harmonious and authentic expression.
It is the expression of your awakened consciousness in the visible world.
Qualities such as serenity, balance, self-love and compassion are a byproduct of this process.
It becomes clearer what is really important to you in your life.
  and how you can live and work from your heart and your being.
Your humanity comes to a new level and corresponds to your current highest development potential.

Contents of the program, these can vary individually

Cultivating presence
Align your awareness to the level of your being
Be open and gentle as a fundamental practice - the way of the heart
Being at home in the unknown
The invisible world - an inner reality of your being
Focus on your future self
Shadow work - we bring light into the darkness of your unconscious
Awareness of your personality
Updating your personality parts
The magic of the inner children's voices
Integration of wounded, excluded personality parts
Access to your inner guidance and wisdom
Activation of your self-healing powers
Energy exercises for clarification, balance and vitalization

This program is for you if you.......

......give your inner evolutionary impulse priority in your life
  want to take radical responsibility for your path of development
 are interested in awakening and its embodiment
you want to be completely and naturally authentic
are interested in the unfold a  new, deeply human existence
are mentally healthy
do not consume drugs or psychotropic drugs

"What you heal in you, you heal in the world."  -Jeanne Ruland


In addition to the methods described under METHODS  I use in this
Program Voice Dialogue a lot.

Voice Dialogue is an instrument of communication and serves much like meditation
the exploration and expansion of consciousness.
This method works with the different parts of the human psyche.

The "main selves" represent those attributes and traits with which we identify most,
i.e. how we like to see each other and show the world, they are what we imagine under the ego.

Examples of main or partial personalities are: protector, guard, controller, skeptic, impostor, critic, perfectionist, ruler, flatterer, inner child, injured child.
These strong voices arise already in the early childhood development.
To protect themselves from grief, children learn to adapt quickly and unconsciously characterize behaviors.

An "inner team" of main voices gives us values, norms and rules and displaces certain personality parts with opposite behaviors and needs. These "repressed voices" do not dissolve but continue to exist in secret. They can create feelings of disunity, show up in body symptoms, indefinite longing, or appear in dreams. We call them "shadows."

With Voice Dialogue, Hal and Sidra Stone have created a way to consciously perceive the main voices,
to break away from them and make room again for the repressed parts.
The goal is to develop the "Conscious Ego" - an ongoing process that accompanies the development of our personality.

What we gain is the growing ability to live in the moment.

By accepting all selves, we experience the whole range of our humanness.

Furthermore, it becomes increasingly easier to recognize which personality structures consume our attention
and thus prevent us from sinking deeper into our being or our true nature.
Because only in this state of consciousness can we ultimately bathe effortlessly in the qualities we long for,
such as: serenity, peace, harmony, freedom, love, lightness etc.,
and that our personality often seeks outward.


Time Frame: 9 Months 
Start: planned in ​2020
Group Size: maximum 10 participants
Format Group Meetings: per Month 2 x 1,5 Hours Group-Coaching online
Format Individual Sessions:  2 x 1,5 Hours Individual-Coaching online, via phone or in person
Investment: 4400 € once before the start or 9 x 505 € (4545 €) or 12 x 390 € (4680 €)