Come and join our online healing & awakening circle
next date: January 17th - 8pm MEZ (Germany)
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With our individual connections to our hearts, our guides and spirit, together we build a high-frequency, sacred healing space. Coming together in unconditional love and the common intent to support each other in our individual journey of healing and awakening is very powerful. Furthermore we add love and healing to the collective field. Lynne McTaggart writes about the effects of group intention in her book "The Power of Eight".

You will have the opportunity to express your individual intention in which you ask for the support of the entire group while you are in the receiving position. Likewise, everyone in the circle  will hold the sacred space with a loving and judgment free attention and make himself / herself available as a bright channel for unconditional love.

This gives you the opportunity to experience the blessing in giving and receiving as well as experiencing what it means to be and move in such a exponential field of consciousness. 

"Every illness and every problem already contains the solution."  - Puria 

Limited space for active participation
As I want to respect our time commitment which is 90 minutes, the space for an active participation is limited to about 10 people. But out of experience even if you don't have the opportunity to share your intention, it is often the case that someone else has the same or related one. From similar gatherings I know that everyone will receive healing energies and benefit from being part of our sacred circle.

I am happy to receive your exchange for
"active" participation: 25 EURO = 21 GBP = 27 USD = 37 CAD = 40 AUD = 43 NZD.
"silent" participation: 10 EURO =  9 GBP = 11 USD = 15 CAD = 16 AUD = 17 NZD

You will receive further information for the healing & awakening circle via e-mail after registration.

Important consent
With your registration you confirm, that you are informed that the healing & awakening circle can activate the self healing resources but doesn’t substitute treatments from physician, alternative practitioner, therapist or medication. For any consequences of the circle you are fully responsible. It is your decision to continue or level the circle anytime

With your registration, you agree to be informed by me about similar events for healing, awakening and conscious evolution via my newsletter. A transfer of your data to third parties does not take place. You can unsubscribe any time. 

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